iTerm2 – Launch on start-up – Mac OS X Yosemite

In a previous post iTerm2 the Quake console of Mac on OS X Yosemite! I wrote about setting up iTerm to be quickly accessible to you at any time from a global hotkey! It still hasn’t completely taken over your Mac though, because you have to launch it manually whenever you’ve restarted your computer. You don’t want to settle with that – You want it all!

To start iTerm automatically every time you login go to System Preferences on your Mac,

Choose Users and Groups,

Choose your User in the left column, the Login Items tab in the right column and click the + to add a new Login Item,

Find iTerm and click the blue Add,

iTerm has now been added as a Login Item and it will start automatically when you login!

It does, however start up like this every time you login to your desktop,

Stay tuned to find out how you make it start without displaying any default windows!


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