iTerm2 – Launch with no windows – Mac OS X Yosemite

In a previous post iTerm2 – Launch on start-up – Mac OS X Yosemite I wrote about setting up iTerm to launch automatically on login which looks like this,

However we’d like a more incognito start-up of iTerm, in fact we’d like it to look like this after starting up,

This requires two steps. In the first we create a Window Arrangement that has no windows visible. The second step is about using this new empty Window Arrangement as the default on start-up.

Creating an empty Window Arrangement

First start iTerm so it looks like this,

close the single visible window and go to Window and choose Save Window Arrangement,

Give the Window Arrangement a name and save it by clicking the blue OK,

Using the new Window Arrangement as default

Open to the iTerm Preferences,

This time we need the General tab and under Startup check the box called Open default window arrangement,

If you have several window arrangements you will have to go to the Arrangements tab, and set the one with no windows as your default,

I only have one arrangement so it’s already set as default for me.

Stay tuned for more about iTerm and how to make your life easier in emacs with it!

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