This is an about page, it will tell you all about!

A very serious photo of me
A very serious photo of me

About me!

Nicolaj studies Computer Science, buys clothes in thrift shops, cooks delicious food and puts pictures of it on Instagram, develops various web applications, takes electronics apart for maintenance and out of sheer curiosity, writes stories and parody songs, doodles comics, watches movies and he wrote this in 3rd person because it felt funny at the time.

About Blog!

Scott Hanselman said that every developer should have a blog, to write about the problems they solve and participate in educating mankind. So I made 10, and moved a lot of stuff around over the years, until it finally dawned upon me to put it here.

About Variable!

I do so many different things, and it’s difficult to contain under one name, but Variable. I am Variable.

About Writing!

I also like writing, and I do it a lot (from time to time..), much to the horror of my Facebook friends. So in the interest of keeping them, I thought it would be nice to write more on my blog and keep their feeds slightly less Nicolaj-y.

About Name!

The name originally came from me, wanting to make a website-company (I know, very entrepreneur, much computer) and Variable was the name, because it felt very open, and I think it reflects my openness and willingness to try new things.

About Blank!

A bad attempt at a web programming joke.