iTerm2 – New tab in Quake console looks weird? – Mac OS X Yosemite

In a previous post iTerm2 the Quake console of Mac on OS X Yosemite! I wrote about setting up iTerm to drop down like the Quake console which looks like this,

Which is awesome. But now you want to have several tabs open, so you press cmd + t and it looks like this,


Which isn’t awesome at all.

What iTerm does is open a new tab with your default console look. We want it to open a new tab with the current profile look when we have the Hotkey Window open!

Open the iTerm preferences,

This time choose Profiles,

Choose the Hotkey Window,

In the right column choose the tab Keys and click the +,

In the input field type cmd + t, under Action choose New Tab with Profile and under Profile select Hotkey Window,


Now, mouse click the OK button, if you simply press return it’ll insert that as the hotkey, and when you get frustrated afterwards and press esc it tries to set that as the hotkey. Press cmd + t and click OK with the mouse.

There you have it, an awesome tabbed Quake console.


But you still have to launch it manually every time you login an need it?
Check out this iTerm2 – Launch on start-up – Mac OS X Yosemite to find out how you make it launch automatically when you login!

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