iTerm2 the Quake console of Mac on OS X Yosemite!

Do you also use the Terminal on your Mac a lot and would like it to have quick acces to it like the Quake console sliding down from the top with a global hotkey like this?


Get iTerm2 the Mac OS Terminal replacement!

After installing iTerm, open the iTerm preferences,

Choose the Keys tab,

Enable both of the checkboxes under Hotkey,

iTerm has now set up a profile with a Hotkey Window that slides down from the top whenever the hotkey is pressed!

I set mine to slide down on cmd + $ because I don’t accidentally press that and I can still use the $ for all other purposes.


But now when I press cmd + t the new tab looks weird?

check out my post on this, iTerm2 – New tab in Quake console looks weird? – Mac OS X Yosemite


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