Not breaking your back over laundry!

So I was breaking my back over laundry the other day. All of the tumble dryers were in use and since my clothes didn’t seem to care I had to start hanging it up. Now I don’t really have any room for hanging laundry in the small dorm room I’m living in, but luckily we have some metal bars under the ceiling, so I was able to throw some washing line between either end and would be able to get the clothes away. Now I just had to get it hanging.

There’s just over 250cm from my floor to my ceiling and I can’t reach that high. So I had to get out a chair, fill my one hand with socks, my pockets with clothespins, and use the other hand to one at a time pin and organize the socks. When I emptied my hand I had to step down of the chair, take out a new bunch and start over. That was very tiresome, and I can only imagine how people must feel in their backs after bending up and down to pick up the clothes of an entire family.

the wonderful vulgar laundry skyline of my room
the wonderful vulgar laundry skyline of my room

So I started thinking about my problem, I needed to get the clean laundry up to my level, and I thought of all kinds of weird kinds of clothes racks you could create and have on your body to carry the clothes, until of course I came up with the idea of using the already invented, and very great for carrying stuff, backpack! now this isn’t going to help you much on hanging on your back, but if you wear it on the front almost zipped so the clothes don’t fall out…


So I got out a backpack! filled it with my clean clothes, strapped it to my front, and now I only had to step down a fraction of the times I’d originally have to, plus I also had my other hand free, and to top it all off, one of the compartments also held way more clothespins than my pockets.

Brilliant stuff.


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