How to set up email on your iPhone, iPad or iPod!

I wanted to add Outlook as a email on my iPhone – so I went to Google.. here I found a very outdated post about it, but I tried to follow the steps. I was quickly thrown off however because Apple actually made this very easy in their latest update. It goes as follows:

Quick solution: It’s possible to add an Outlook-type account under mail settings.

Step 1: On your iPhone or iPad open settings and choose Mail, Contacts, Calendars.


Step 2: Choose Add Account.


Step 3: Select the huge button with logo and all.


Step 4: Input the e-mail and password you use to access your email account on the outlook,com page and press next in the right top of the screen.


Step 5: Choose what you want to synchronize with your account, I chose just to enable Mail as I don’t want any of my contacts or calendars from microsoft to interfere from those of my Google account.


And that’s it! When you’ve saved it it will return you to your accounts page, and you can see the settings you’ve set for your account by clicking your newly added outlook account like in the picture below.


You can now open the Mail app and check that your mail has been added under Mailboxes!

iPhoneOutlook8If you’re not seeing this screen you might be inside a specific mailbox at the moment, in the picture below I’m inside my Outlook mailbox, but I can get to the screen above by clicking mailboxes, like below.


Happy mailing!



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